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All the sets, objects and themes shown on this page were previously only available on The Banana Republic Revolution. Do not ask me to email you any of the items shown in the photos that I did not create. Those objects do not belong to me and the screenshots were set up to promote all of our work at the time.

Please click on the thumbnails to view a larger images and on the links to download the objects in sets.

The Hassan II Mosque

The first set is called the Hassan II theme. It is based on the mosque of the same name, which is the second largest mosque worldwide. All the items shown in this set are either part of the set or the game itself. This set contains, wallpapers, floors, doors & windows, roof, and of course, the famous Hassan II Minaret!

Just a note for new Simmers, that arched cut out shown is a window. Sims cannot walk through it even though it looks like they can. Use the similar single door cut outs further down this page for Sims to walk through.

Download Files in the Set
Download Wallpapers
Click To Download
Minaret (6 Wallpapers)
Click To Download
Mosque (18 Wallpapers)
Click To Download
Interior (4 Wallpapers)

Download Floors

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Floors (7 Interior & Exterior)

Misc Moroccan Items

Domestic Door & Window Set
(Blue/Cyan set in Previews below)

Misc Items
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Click To Download
Dining Booth

Marine Park Theme

This is a fun marine theme including, schools of fish in several colours, rock/pebble floors, diving board and ladder, rocks, boat light, rock love tub, and organic pool edges to recreate a salt water pool ambience.

All the furniture, most of the plants and decoration are by various artists from The Banana Republic Revolution which has since closed. Items available on this site are:

  • The roof is from the Camping Set.
  • Some plants are from the Potting shed theme.
  • Rock Walls (recently added to site.)
  • The small windows from The Maya Theme.

Other items shown in these images made by me but not part of this particular set are the Cyan Moroccan windows and the Arched Hassan II window cut-outs. (Download Above)

Download Files in the Set

Small bits and pieces made exclusively for the The Banana Republic Revolution.

My First Skin! (And only skin to date!) The head is quite nice even if you don't keep the body skin Woo!

Click To Download

A special request made by the elves in the enchanted forest!

Click To Download
Sun & Moon Wall Pottery

I made this set of paintings for a theme that was running at the time.

Click To Download

These little door arches have been often requested and so ... last but not least ...

Click To Download

Please note that there are two door arches in the zip file. The lighter one works better with lighter wallpaper and vice versa. In the game menu, these doors look like transparent question mark shapes as it is just a shaded bit that creates the look of an arch.

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