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5th of July, 2006

Well there you have it! The Simposium is back again! I have missed having the site online but the real reason I took out hosting for my site is because of the people still playing the original Sims and looking for some of my objects.

I have never been one much for showing off but I did bring out a few firsts with this site which went on to be copied and become a regular feature in the community. It doesn't matter that people don't remember. I do

The Sims was an incredible outlet for some of my creativity over the last 5 odd years. I don't know exactly when my site first went online but one my first recorded update was on the 2nd of January 2001. So it has been a while ...

This Single Tile Stainless Steel Dresser Will Be Part Of The Next Update!The site being back online does not mean that I am back and creating anything for the Sims but rather more of an archive of all the work I've made. I simply do not have the time to dedicate to this game any longer. I did, however, enjoy finishing off the things available on this update. I even recoloured two curtains for myself :) If I ever do make anything else, it will be made available here and I will notify the Yahoo group.

Right now the site is as it was before it was closed. There is nothing new to download for now. I do have some sets that were not released which will shortly become available. I also made a few new things for fun, which you can expect shortly. Right now, I just do not have the time to zip up things, create thumbnails for them, and do the html.

The link (to the top left) for the previously donation only sets will be working in the next update. I need to sort out the sets and create archives for downloading.

On a last note ... Please DO NOT re-download everything on the site! If the bandwidth goes out of control then I will have to shut down the site. I have taken out a hosting which should be more than adequate but I am not going to pay for people simply wasting bandwidth. As I said before, there is NOTHING new at this point!

It will be part of the next update!I will announce my next update through the Yahoo group once there is new content on the site. There are a whole lot of real mirrors coming up soon ... Woo!

16th of April, 2004

Before you read ANY further, have you read the FAQ yet? PLEASE READ IT! I am still getting people emailing me about not being able to download files successfully. As of today, I am NO LONGER answering these type of emails! I have made things as easy as possible for people but some just don't READ! If English is not a person's first language then I can still understand but the people emailing have a fair command of English!

Right  Phew! So you saw the preview right? Well, I love this set so much it is going under the themes section! At first I thought it would just be a little build set, but hey ... I got carried away with ideas!

Please read all the notes on the page or in the zip files! You can find the set under Themes > Meranti AfrikaWoo! Yes, I know, the page background is awful but I'll change it later. After all, you do want the set don't you? :P

14th of April, 2004

Click to go directly to the page!

One door closes and others open up. A LOT of doors in fact! I'm pausing work on the 1920 Theme for now. Check out the PREVIEW for the New Meranti Afrika build set. I was trying to be creative and landed up working with doors. There are three Stock recolours today on the Building > Doors page. Click on the door to visit the page! The build items on the preview image should be available soon. There are already 3 windows, 11 doors and the wallpapers complete!

I was given this award again this year by the news groups! Thanks to everyone who voted and Mike who does all the hard work associated with the award, it is great receive it again!

7th of April, 2004

Click To Go Directly To The Page!

Added two new skylights to the 1920 Theme page. Click on the image to go directly to the page to read the notes and download the objects! Find them under the Construction section.

2nd of April, 2004

Click to Download the fireplace Right HERE! Another 1920 update today! Some of you have already seen this fireplace :) Now you can Download it by clicking on the image or find it on the 1920 Theme page under Downloads > Themes.

The letters FP on the game menu icon indicate that the fireplace is Fire Proof.

The Sims arms look a little strange when they light a fire because of the change in shape of the fireplace. I can't modify the z buffers any more or the fireplace shows through walls.

I made these two Shaded Door Cut Outs for The Banana Republic Revolution during the week! You can download them from there.

Now here on this site!

Want a preview of something new for the 1920 Theme? Click HERE!  Phew!

26th of March, 2004

Click to go directly to the page to download your new beams!

Finally! Woo! The first few recolours of the 1920 theme have arrived! There are several colour variations on the beams for now. The other objects will follow shortly. Find them at the bottom of the 1920 theme page under a section called ... Recolours!!!

I also modified the original beam and cross beam so please Redownload them again. The file sizes are quite small. In case you are not sure which ones you need to redownload, click on the images just below! The files have the exact same name and cookie number so just over write your originals wherever you placed them in your game.

Please redownload these two files!
Click to download a new and improved version! Click to download a new and improved version!

There was a little z buffer adjustments and price structure modifications. Phew!

24th of March, 2004

A mid week update! I have been busy neatening things up around on the site. Some desperately needed maintenance has been done. Most of it will go unnoticed but it is there nevertheless!

I shaved 25 pixels off the menu to make it a little more compact. Looks the same heh? :P I also added a general section into the downloads menu to house bits and pieces that don't fit in anywhere. I thought I actually had more than I do. I must have forgotten something, somewhere!

The Guest Maya lot that was previously only available on this news page is now in the guest section. If you haven't had a look as of yet then please do so. Woo!

As you will have noticed already, the left hand side has lots of little boxes! READ THEM before emailing me please! I find that people are asking me the same questions over and over. Perhaps grouping them into boxes will help people to compartmentalise and it also makes this page appear a lot more organised. There is also a new FAQ page. Link is housed on the left hand side!

For those of you that still don't know who or what The Banana Republic Revolution is, look at the previews neatly boxed on the left hand side for your convenience. I have also created a page to showcase the few sets and objects that I have made for that board. Click on the images for more info. Please read the FAQ before asking me questions about The Banana Republic Revolution. Some of your questions are already answered in there!

The Shyte list has been tagged and boxed too! It took up too much space anyway. It is less noticeable but we all still know it is there right? :) 

Click To Download LyssaKi asked me for some purple variations on the 1920 theme's wallpapers so here they are. Click on the image to download them right here. I know some of you are still waiting for other recolours but please be patient, they are on their way. My PC problems seem to have been sorted out to a large extent so I can start spending some time making stuff instead of re-installing windows! Phew!

19th of March, 2004

A few bits and pieces today. Julz had requested some natural rock walls and floors. I hope that these are ok  :)  I also made a few more wooden floors. I love wooden floors but they usually look so crappy in the Sims. I am suitably impressed with this lot. Everything for download today is only available on this page. I haven't had the time to do the coding for the other pages.

I need to do some tidying up on the site LOL! All these walls and floors tile in all directions.

Click To Download

Rock & Cement Set 01
Click To Download

Rock & Cement Set 02
Click To Download

Blue Pebble Floor
Click To Download

Wooden Strip Flooring

12th of March, 2004

No, there are no new downloads today. I have not had time to make anything lately. Some things, however, need to be said and challenged! If you have no inclination to read any further then don't. Here at SimVibes we believe in helping each other and in the freedom of choice.

It is a sad day indeed when we allow people like those at the bseabrees board to carry on unchecked in such a vile manner! I have been really angry about it but I (unlike some) have a life and it does not revolve around this game.

I could write really venomous texts right here and I know that NO ONE would edit them. What is the point of that? I, for one, will not sink to that level. I have made my opinions well known and that is enough.

The idiots at bseabrees think that they are following truth and justice yet they ban me from their little vindictive board. So many people have now been banned at the bseabrees that it has just gotten utterly ridiculous. Any shred of credibility they may have had, has long since departed due to their actions.

They now take to attacking me (watch it fall off my back with ease) and are angry because I have commented on them openly and right here from my own site. I mean how dare I?! How dare I give them their own back! I think they really hate it that I can take their nonsense, dress it up, improve on the recipe and dish it right back at them with the elegance and class they lack. They are sore losers and prefer to bring people down to their gutter level instead of trying to raise themselves. That, says a lot about a group of people.

I also urge you, the reader, to seek out the truth if you are so inclined. Go read for yourselves and make up your own minds. Do not follow the crowd but rather travel your own path. Most of us know of, and love, Tokage Sims. Please click on the link and go read more info that has not been tainted by the people at the bseabrees. There you will find the original email, unedited (except for email addresses) and undistorted.

The people at the bseabrees have backed themselves into a corner through their own error. There is only one way out for them. They can apologise and we will all drop this issue. It would show great strength of character on their behalf.

21st of Feb, 2004

There are more coffee tables in this update than you can throw a coaster at! Since the rage is for one tile coffee tables I have made quite a few to Maxis Match! These three below I made for existing sets so if you have already downloaded the sets it will be easier to simply get these three from here.

Requires Hot Date

Click To Download
Oak Theme
Requires Hot Date

Click To Download
SuperStar Deco
Requires Hot Date

Click To Download
Victoria Nouveau

I made the base for these a while back and I got carried away this week! Coffee Table Mania! Find another 14 on the Surfaces Page!

I have also finally added the tutorial I wrote on Window & Door Cut Outs to the site. This tutorial was written for the great people who hang out at the The Banana Republic Revolution!

There is a download file and an online page. Make sure to download the zip archive with the template objects. Get it from the Tutorials Page.

Lets see ... There was some nonsense I wanted to address but I forget now. Anyway, as you can see, at the top of this page is the Shyte List! Congratulations if you find yourself with the dubious honour of being in it!

14th of Feb, 2004

Ah ... Yet more rumours! Let see now ... SimVibes has now been accused of sticking viruses into their zip files. Let me explain this to you, the ignorant idiots that keep spreading these obviously stupid stories. Has anyone ever heard of a jpeg or a plain text virus? Has anyone ever heard of a virus written specifically for the .IFF format? No? Gosh! I guess we couldn't possibly be putting viruses in our zips DOH! I guess that was one stupid rumour to spread. The only people you succeed in scaring were the innocent who do not have as much experience with the Internet. I guess that was a huge notch on your belt for aiding humanity!

My personal giggle was we host porn sites! At least this one is amusing if not down right unimaginative! You have better check in my themes section! I am quite sure there are some hot XXX rated things happening in there. Perhaps before you accuse people of hosting porn sites and ramble on about servers, IPs and other such nonsense you should go back to school and learn something factual for a change.

So you silly little gossip mongering, dim-witted, bland little Internet troublemakers have managed to scare some of the sites into leaving the SimVibes Hosting. Oh well done, what an achievement!!! At least when you get around to updating your curriculum vitas you can add harassment of innocent people (all for a good cause of course!) I'm sure you are really feeling all proud of yourselves now :)

For people who keep insisting on proof you certainly don't provide any do you? I guess double standards only apply to others when one actively practices them! When you deal in underhanded tactics it renders you as the lesser of the two in a conflict but I suppose that fact went right over your little pea-brained heads

Oh well, you have tried your best and you know who you are. Unlike yourselves we do not need to name you. It is bad enough we hear your names! We really don't want to repeat them over here!

Now for my usual apology to everyone. On behalf of humanity I apologise for these few idiots that are renown on the net for causing trouble. Those that follow these morons so blindly thrive on the sheep mentality and all they are good for is a good shear! At least wool has its uses!

I hope everyone has had a good laugh at your expense. Keep making fools of yourselves. The more you do it, the less credible your words and actions are :)

6th of Feb, 2004

Some more serious issues first. The time that I overlooked people ripping off my ideas, objects and graphics is over! Be forewarned, if you have used anything from my site without my permission you are going to appear on the "Shyte List". I haven't had the time to put it together yet so you people have yet another week to either remove the objects from your web sites or to follow my terms and conditions and ask permission! Choice is entirely yours!

Very soon your site could find itself with the dubious honour of being on the list. I will not even bother to respond to comments of why don't I approach these sites and ask them to do something about it. Why should I?? They didn't bother to give me the same respect! Watch this news page for forth coming "Shyte List". I am looking forward to emptying out this list soon.

I am also remarkably pissed off at people taking and being given credit for ideas I started! I have no problem with people using my ideas and concepts but I do have serious objections to other people claiming or being credited with my innovations.

Lets clear a few things up shall we? I was not the first to have ideas to make towers but I was the first to make a second storey one! When you credit people for this, should you not credit the right one? There are a few sites that are on the border of pissing me off! You don't want to be added to the "Shyte List"!

Some people have had to audacity to use my balcony sprites and credit other people for the concept. Get your facts straight please!

On a last serious note ... My objects are now modified and I can identify them if need be. If you want to use them all you need to do is follow the simple conditions I have set out. If this is way too much like hard work then don't use my objects as bases!

Pots In Action! Click To Go Directly To The Page!

Phewwww! Time for the updates hehe. Some of you have already seen the previews of this set so here it is :) The Potting Shed! Find it under the Outdoors section. I broke up the theme into several sections because of the large quantity of stuff I made. There are 72 new objects and over 40 zip files to download!

This will also make it easier to maintain as content is added. Before anyone clicks the email button ... Yes I do have plans to make more pots. Just be patient! I have drawn up several in 3D but haven't had enough time to make them into objects.

31st of Jan, 2004

The serious issues first. I am not getting involved with the latest idiotic things that have been happening in some Sim community circles. Neither this site, SimVibes NOR ANYONE who has gotten mixed up in all of this is willing to pursue these issues any further. Everyone is right and wrong to varying degrees and I am leaving it at that. I suggest you all do the same.

Yes I did read some of those posts and I do have a fair idea of what has been said. I also cannot believe that some people are so IDIOTIC as to not read posts in total but only read words and phrases that suit them. To those people, you are not welcome here. If you want to slander anyone of us then please do us a favour and do not consume our bandwidth.

To all of you display the typical "mob" mentality and actually accusing others and myself within the SimVibes/The Banana Republic Revolution Group of being minions amongst other names, firstly, GROW UP! Secondly look at your own actions before you pass comment on mine!

I myself have also been affected by certain people who are involved in all of this but I WILL NOT display the typical "sheep" mentality and post about it just to get an argument started. Those of you that love posting private comments and then misinterpreting them deserve nothing but a good hearty laugh at your own expense! Can you see my grin right now? It certainly is wide enough.

To those that have been supportive and kind through the years I apologise profusely for all of this nonsense. Those of you who have been caught in the middle, I respect all your wishes and I do wish you all of the very best. It often becomes unavoidable to choose sides. I do understand. We all stand by what we believe and that is the way it should be.

Now :) I do not have a lot on offer this week because I simply did not have time to z buffer test the large quantity of stuff that I have made. I do however have one itsy bitsy little wallpaper that Julz requested. I don't have time to do the html for it so it is only available for download by clicking on the image.

Julz: I'll try to search for some suitable resource material and create a decent set when I have some time :) Meantime this crappy one will have to do!

Click To Download

Matches The Pond Pebble Floor

17th of Jan, 2004

I have made my first skin! Don't laugh! I made it for The Banana Republic Revolution. It is free but you can only get it on the board seeing I made it for them. Click on the image to go directly to the site.

I had a kind person email me to let me know that I had my first conflicting object ID! I thought it had to happen one day so today was it. I always keep all my objects in the game precisely to avoid this but somehow this still happened. Anyway if you downloaded the Pool Rug With Ladder before today please redownload it by clicking on the image!Click To Download This Pool Rug Again!

9th of Jan, 2004

There are a few bits and pieces to download today I made in between working on a This Item has Just Been Added To This Page Theme. I will be announcing it shortly :) Click Here To Go Directly To The Page! Please DON'T LINK To This Page!

First, some Pool Rugs! I just felt like making them and also because you cannot build a pool on the top floor! Find them under Outdoors > Garden or click on the image to go to the page!

Click To Download I made some construction walls which I had in mind for a long time. Now you can have the look without the low room score! Find them under Build > Wallpapers > General or download them by clicking on the image.

Click To DownloadThen I got carried away and started making some floor tiles to match the game floors. I thought it would be nice to make a Roof Top Garden. Find them under Floors > Outdoors or click on the image to download them here!

26th of Dec, 2003

New Years Eve, Two Sims and a few HOT TUBS! Who remembered the Champagne? There is a new Concrete Love Tub on the 1920 Theme page. It is at the bottom of the page.

I created a Privacy Door for the 1920 theme based on the SuperStar Fashion Door. I wanted to use glass doors through the houses for the theme and who needs an audience when you are on the loo?

While you are on the page please Re-Download the Bookcase! I was running out of time when I updated the last time and I forgot to finish off the bookcase. I have given it a Proper Menu Description and Categorised it now. It has the same file name and cookie number so just over write the one you have in your game.

Click Here To Go Directly To The Hot Tubs Page! Please DON'T LINK To This Page!

Three more wood variations on the above Love Tub and a SuperStar version are available on the Outdoors > Hot Tubs page.

Click To Download The Translucent Beaded Door RIGHT HERE!

I also made this Translucent Beaded Door while I was mucking about experimenting. It is a transparent silver/white curtain with a white door frame. If you need one of these you can download it by clicking on the Image or on the Build > Doors page!  Requires House Party

Click Here To Go Directly To The Page! Please DON'T LINK To This Page!Last but Definitely Not Least I have a Vacation lot inspired by The Maya Theme! The Architect has chosen to remain out of the limelight but has kindly allowed me to place it up for download. I have not yet decided where on the site it best fits so the link to the page is only available here for now! Requires Vacation Click on the Image for the page.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here is to a wonderful Sim year gone and the new one upon us. Thank you all for your Wonderful Emails & Screen Shots! They have all been very appreciated. I've tried to respond to everyone and my apologies if I did not get to your email for whatever reason.

19th of Dec, 2003

There is a LOT of new stuff in todays update! Because of this, some of the items are only available on The Simposium Yahoo Group. There is over 8 megs of downloads so this will help to reduce the bandwidth.

If you want to help SimVibes pay the bandwidth bill then please donate or go visit The Banana Republic Revolution. The sets that were on Soul Vibes are now available there too!

I'm going to list everything in the order I made the stuff :)

Click Here To Go Directly To The Page! Please DON'T LINK To This Page!
Bay Windows

Who dislikes the Bay Window that Maxis released? Well, I've made a few changes and quite a few variations to boot.

You can download two of them right here on the site and the rest are on the Yahoo Group.

Love Beds

I downloaded tutorials and info from http://www.c-and-c-enterprises.com/ quite some time ago. I was waiting for someone else to make the Maxis Love Beds and since no one has converted them thus far ... I made my own for each bed!

You can only get these from The Yahoo Group too!

They look identical to the game beds but I alternated the "sleeping and unmade" modes of the bed for the "Love" blanket movements. You can tell them apart in the game by the special "Love" icon in the buy menu!
Go To The Yahoo Group To Download!Go To The Yahoo Group To Download!Go To The Yahoo Group To Download!

SuperStar Art Deco Set

Click Here To Go Directly To The Page! Please DON'T LINK To This Page! I was getting rusty in making furniture so I started yet another set! You can find it under Themes or Click The Image of the table on the right

Oh and before I forget ...

All the best for you and your loved ones this Festive Season

12th of Dec, 2003

Some new items added to the 1920 Theme page. A set of wallpapers, a house and a few small bits and pieces. Find everything under Themes > 1920 or ...

Add diagonal edges to your pools! I made this object a while back and had hoped to add more but seeing it is a dead project I finished it off and made it available for download. Find it under Outdoors > Pool Items or ...

5th of Dec, 2003

So you want to know what 1920 is? You will shortly find out but first the unpleasant stuff. I have been doing some serious catching up on my Sims downloads and have come across a few people who are stealing my objects/graphics.

I KNOW who you are and I DID NOTICE! Please don't assume stupidity on my part. I should think after I spend so many hours making stuff for download I would be able to tell. Those of you that have done this have lost my respect. I was especially surprised by the one group but I will not mention names and I've let it go. Please don't annoy me. I am not a particularly nice person when provoked. You may only use anything from this web site if, and only if, you have read and agreed with these TERMS & CONDITIONS!

Right :) So what is 1920? Hehe Okay OKAY click Here!

On the next update the 1920 theme will also be available from the menu. I need to do some changes to the menu (to include the Terms & Conditions file for example) so it will wait till the next update.

28th of Nov, 2003

Firstly before we get to the updates ... I get emails on a weekly basis about Bad Zip Files! Please read the ABOVE NOTE! This site gets a lot of traffic when it is updated and I strongly encourage you to use a Download Manager. You can use it for more than just Sim downloads. This type of software allows a download to be Resumed (if the server allows it and the SimVibes server does). This means the end of incomplete zip files when there is a broken connection. It will resume the download where it stopped and not give you the zip file errors.

Click to go directly to the page! Right :) Onto the updates! Maxis matching fanatics will love todays update! I've made a bridge based on the pier graphics. There are two other colours also available for those that LOVE options hehe. Please read the notes on the page. Special thanks must be given to vinylp ants from Another #%*& Sims Site for all the info! Click on the bridge image to go directly to the page.

On that page is also a mini tutorial addressing a problem I had when adding new tiles to a base.

21st of Nov, 2003

Whoa! An update! Yip! Actually with all the problems I've had in the last few months (Unforgivably) I forgot to set up the Maya Skins page with Indian's creations! My apologies to Indian, it was not intentional. They are really fantastic and thanks to Indian, they are available right here under Themes > The Maya, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the Pull Down Menu for the skins page. Alternatively, :)

Click Here To Go Directly To The Page! Please DON'T LINK To This Page!I have received many emails asking for more bridges :) I think everyone knows how I feel about re-colours but since I have been asked so pleasantly I've decided to make a few until I have the patience to make totally new ones! Find the new bridges under Outdoors > Garden. As usual I have more ideas than time or patience hehe (Click on the bridge to go to the page) ... ENJOY!

3rd of Sept, 2003

Hey, look! Dormer windows! Yes you are seeing right. They are right up there above the roof and you don't even have to sacrifice your first floor for the effect! Find them under Build > Windows.

The balcony for the theme, Algarve Azul, is ready. Finally huh? Please read the notes for it. The basic notes are also included in the object menu description.

27th of Aug, 2003

Click To DownloadTodays updates were actually made quite a while back. With this Navajo Creation Rug, I accidentally used a navajo rug source and only realised it once I was finished. It was started for the Maya Theme. Since I have no where to put it yet, download it right here. I thought I would use it for a future set but hey, get it early!

With this next download, I and wasn't happy with the way Home Crafter mucks up the light colours so I never released it before. Since there isn't anything further I can do, here it is. It has 19 wallpapers in total but not all are shown below. Two of the set are a sewing room theme (Second from the right). Download it directly here or from the Build > Wallpapers > Full sets page.

13th of Aug, 2003

I'm about to make someone very happy! Someone requested a clear Monticello Door and I said it would not be made in a hurry. I also seem to recall other people have made some already. I did a search through my downloads and could not find any except for Raveena's Door over at TSR.

Well, I not only made one but three variations as well as matching windows. I was bored and thought I'd tackle it :)

Find the all the items under Building > Windows or Doors.

6th of Aug, 2003

Ah, an update! A few things for you this time around. The door patches for Deluxe and SuperStar are ready. I have tested them and they worked just fine. Get 'em under Help for Object Creators.

I've been wanting to make Door Frames from standard Maxis doors for ages. This is the second lot I've made. I've been grappling with the damn things for months. I finally I got them to work without causing side effects. You can download them by EP from Building > Doors.

12th of July, 2003

No new objects right now but I was asked to wish Kathy from "Simmer Street forum" a very


tomorrow! Thanks very much for all your hard work.

In other news, I have finished the door patches for Deluxe and SuperStar but have not had a chance to check them over yet. Hopefully they will be available by this coming week.

To those that have emailed me over the last week or two, I have replied to all of your emails but some bounced back. Just for everyone's knowledge, I do always reply but if an email bounces back more than twice I stop trying. If you did not get a reply from me then resend your last email with a working email address.

I am about to gripe! I have had lots of problems with getting SuperStar to run smoothly. I re-installed my PC and spent hours trying every possible thing to get the game to work. I am SO PISSED at Maxis! First of all they do not reply to emails and secondly ... STOP RELEASING MUSIC CD's and fix the bloody bugs already! There is already talk of a new EP and they can't even get the last one to work properly.

This may help others so I am going to describe something which has helped me to get SuperStar to run on my machine. With both installs I have made thus far with SuperStar, both times the game crashes without even getting to the neighbourhood screen. What I did as a last resort is basically remove all downloads and the "Userdata" folders from the game and create a fresh one from the templates the game installs.

This often helps to get back into the game. If this works, I then move my older neighbourhoods back into the game folder while the game is still running. Then I switch between all the neighbourhoods and that usually helps.

30th of May, 2003

Click To DownloadA coffee table has been added to the Oak Domestic Theme. Unfortunately I did not make note of the person who requested it so here you are :) You will need Unleashed. You can download it right here (by clicking on the image) or from the Theme page.

I have been working on the Restaurant Bar for the downtown part of this theme! Thanks to a kind person who gave me some invaluable info to hexing. It does work now but there is a bug in it. When you click on the waitress to order, the Sim gets up and goes directly to the bar. I'll do some more work on it and hopefully it will be available shortly. I also discovered that the problem was not so much with the Hex editing but the fact that T-Mog crashes every time I clone the waitress file. It appeared to create the file properly but I suspect that this was the problem. I have been cloning the file on another PC to get around this odd T-Mog problem.

I have finished a little page to help people use the Tower from the Algarve Azul Theme. View it here or from the Theme page.

16th of May, 2003

I am not about to rant and rave with this update because this is really a trivial and pointless on going problem I have. I am going to state that those people spreading untruths about this site giving people viruses via pop ups, is ridiculous. First of all, there are no pop ups! The only place that could possibly induce pop ups is the url forwarding service from http:/www.cjb.net. I have personally never had any problems with it. Considering it has been around for a while, I doubt they would derive any gain from spreading anything malicious though their services.

Keep your antiviral programs up to date and stop blaming other people for your lack of responsibility. To those who have let me know about these STUPID rumours being spread behind my back, thank you very much! It is for you guys that this site even exists. If anyone had a problem with this site, why did they not simply notify me about it like common courtesy dictates? I'll tell you why! This site did not cause you to get infected with anything other than a fatal sims addiction!

To everyone else, just ignore the last two paragraphs and go download the latest natural stone floors under "Building, Floors and then natural stone". I have wanted to make these for myself and now the first lot is available. Read the little note at the top of that page on how to avoid ugly monotonous repeats of the pattern.

7th of May, 2003

I've started a new section for tutorials. Find it under the "Help" button. There are four at present but only the first two are available online. I need to format the others into html.

I wrote these in the hope of answering a lot of questions that I get from the visitors to the site. I have spent three days writing and editing them but I am sure they still need more work. If you plan on keeping these tutorials please consider downloading them and keeping them for your own reference.

The first two are not tutorials as such but informational documents. One explains just how the perspective works in game and the other is general information.

The two that are only available as downloads at present are on how to construct a multi tiled object.

3rd of May, 2003

Updating with a new theme called "Milky Lane". Very bright and colourful. Find it under DL and then themes. This is not my usual style of design but if you are building an Ice-cream parlour then this might be just for you. I want to add a few more objects still and they will be added as I finish them.

Please note that both the counters worked for me and the Sims were able to buy coffee and pastries but please let me know if you find any problems. I'm not an engineer but perhaps it can be fixed. There was no hacking of these objects as they seem to find the standard NPC's on their own.

20th of April, 2003

Thanks to everyone on "alt.games.the-sims" news group for voting for me. It was a nice surprise to come to a tie with some of my favourite sites :)

11th of April, 2003

Some wallpapers to match the Algarve Tower have been added to the Algarve Azul theme page. Find it under Themes, Algarve Azul, Walls & Floors page.

9th of April, 2003

Added a fake Second Floor Tower architectural element to the Algarve Azul theme page. Find it under Themes, Algarve Azul, Architectural page.

4th of April, 2003

Jumping around in between themes again and today there are some new items on the Maya theme. Go to the Maya, Archaeological Sites page and scroll down to the "Requested & Inspired" section at the bottom. The ruins are Katie's idea so I hope it is close to what you had in mind!

On a VERY exciting note, I have some patches for your door creations. It is still in an experimental stage but so far it seems to have fixed the problem of cloned doors. Go to the Help, Help for creators page and get the patches. If you downloaded them from the news groups then you already have the latest versions so there is no need to re download them.

28th of March, 2003

In just three weeks this site has chomped up more than 20 gigs of bandwidth! That is a lot of downloads for a small site like this. These costs are paid by SimVibes. Without their help, this site would just go back to Geocities. If that happens you can be sure I would be less inclined to make stuff to distribute because Geocities really sucks as you all know. I do not have a donate button to make myself rich. It is there to "help" pay the running costs. I have deliberately tried to keep the site from attracting too much attention to keep it alive, free and open.

As long as this site is open for downloading it will remain free but it cannot survive the costs of the bandwidth without a little help. If this post makes me unpopular then so be it. If it encourages a few kind souls to donate then thank you very much!

On a more pleasant note ... it's the Start of a new theme! The wallpapers sections is up and available. The new theme is called "Algarve Azul". It's a portuguese based theme and you can view it by going to DL > Themes > Algarve Azul

26th of March, 2003

Time for an update and it has nothing to do with the Maya! Since the caravans and tents page came into being I've had lots of email and requests to make more stuff for it. Well, here goes! I know that one or two requests are not yet done but I'll get to it as I find resource material.

Scroll towards the bottom of the Caravans page under Outdoors. The two lower sections are completely new. That caravans page has also been revised. If you want to preview all the wallpaper panels then click on the link to separate page. It speeds up the page load time and saves bandwidth for those that have already seen and downloaded all the wallpapers before

If you make objects or are interested in starting then listen up. The help button has changed and is split in two. One page for users and one (very small so far) for object makers. A while back I had made some wallpapers and floors for testing. Those have been updated, renamed and re-issued! The little zip pack also has black and white roofs because as I've found out over the years, objects bleed upwards too!

If you are interested, download them from the Help for creators page.

23rd of March, 2003

The email button has changed! Yes I know it looks the same canary yellow and all but it is now a sub menu of options. So now you can send email, read the board or join the notify list. I've just started the notify list/group so if you haven't been for a visit before today ... Sign up if you want to stay informed of any updates here at The Simposium

21st of March, 2003

Todays key word is Palenque, one of my favourite Maya cities. All four items fit into this section. Three Palenque paintings in the Modern Maya and Pacal's Sarcophagus under Maya, Archaeological Sites page, right at the bottom of the page.

19th of March, 2003

Added the domestic section to the Maya, Archaeological Sites page (Lot, wallpapers, objects and a chimney). Five modern rugs are now up for download in the Modern Maya page.

13th of March, 2003

Oh go on, click it! You know you want to try it out!First part of this update is the addition of the image you see on the right here, at the bottom of every page. This is a link to a Site Map for this site. This is to enable visitors having problem viewing or navigating the site. I am not going to do two separate sites as I prefer to spend time making objects rather than coding html for no particular reason. Click on that icon will launch a small window on the top left hand corner of your screen with all the links for the various pages on The Simposium.

This site has been tested with Netscape, Opera and Internet explorer from a resolution of 640x480 with medium fonts and upwards. More than this I cannot do. I think that I have covered most bases here. If you do experience problems with the site please let me know.

In the second part of this update, a few things have been added to the Maya Archaeological Sites Page. Check the list below and pay attention to where the This Item has Just Been Added To This Page icon is on the page. There have been items added in and amongst the existing sections.

  • Door frame to the Yucatán Generic Set (Top of the page)
  • Bonampak and Uxmal Lots are now available for download.
  • Wallpapers for Uxmal (Middle of the page)
  • Door and door frame for Uxmal (Middle of the page)
  • Lintel Details and Stelae for Bonampak (Towards the bottom of the page)
Some more Maya pottery has been added on the Artefacts Page. Two new objects on the Modern Maya Page

Now for the third part, fixed the terrible bleeding on all the rockeries and the garden lamp (Lamp with bush behind it) on the Rock Garden Page under Themes. Now you can safely use the rocks with Helena's Sim Estates :)

5th of March, 2003

Please take important note of this; I had tremendous problems with my game and in trying to get it to work I installed and copied data back and forward continuously. I accidentally over wrote some files with older ones. Several files which had been fixed for bleeding etc were lost. These are the files that were uploaded unknowingly. I have redone those files and below is a list of the files which have been updated since the posting of this current update. Please re-download them, they are small files. Put them in the game, overwriting the older ones, and your Generic Yuctatán Pyramid will simply load just as before except there will be no bleeding of objects.

Updated Files!
  1. Generic Yuctatán Decorative Upper floor stairs (Not the proper stairs)
  2. High & Low Generic Yuctatán steps (Fences)
  3. Both Generic Yuctatán Windows (Had original grey colour instead of tan)
  4. Glazed Cylindrical Vessel With Carved Band (Updated)
  5. Ritual Costume Sculpture (Updated)
New Files!

  1. Added some new objects to the Maya, Artefacts page.
  2. Added a set (Bonampak) of wallpapers (objects & Lot on the way) to the Maya, Archaeological Sites page.
  3. Added a set of interior wallpapers to the Modern Maya page.

2nd of March, 2003

Sims Social Butterfly kindly gave me this award recently I've never been one for awards and competing in the Sims arena but I thank you very much. It is greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

I would also like to thank everyone who has sent me email and helped to point out where there were problems with the site. No there are no new downloads today :)

Today I am probably visiting and downloading from YOUR site!

1st of March, 2003

Added objects and a House for The Maya Theme on the Artefacts & Archaeological Sites pages.

Added three items to the Victoria Nouveau Set, find it under themes.

26th of February, 2003

No new downloads, just updated The Maya theme pages. There is plenty for you to read on The Maya theme at present. Objects will be uploaded as soon as they are finished. If you don't see the menu system that appears on the top left had corner then you probably hit stop before it finished loading. Please just wait a short while. Once it loads then it is a breeze to surf. If this is your first visit at this location please read the update just below.

23rd of February, 2003

No new downloads but The Simposium is now hosted with SimVibes. Please support the SimVibes community and help to keep it free! While all the content remains free as it has always been, you can help by donating.

8th of February, 2003

  1. Added a wooden bridge to outdoors under the garden page.
  2. The start of a new theme called Victoria Nouveau under themes.
Hopefully, I will soon have enough time to complete and upload the new layout for this site. It's still got the same look but is a lot simpler looking and will incorporate new sections and help to tie in the different web sites together that make up what you see here.

22nd of January, 2003

Added several new items, read on ...
  1. New Pool Fountain. Looks much better than the first one although the water just misses the pool. The next one will reach into the pool I hope. I just didn't feel like going back to edit all the sprites again for a couple of millimetres. Find it under Objects > Outdoors > Garden, at the top with the previous pool fountain.
  2. New set called, "Rock Garden Set". So far a whole lot of rockeries and the makings of an outdoors bathroom. Please make sure to read the notes for the rockeries and the shower. Find the page here. (No I haven't fixed the menu system yet. I've been busy with enough html for work to redo the menu system for this web site. Besides, people are really only interested in the objects :)
  3. Floor lights to look like the dance floor. Look under the Objects > Lighting page.
  4. Two rugs that look like Mini Golf Greens. Find it under Objects > Outdoors > Garden

13th of September, 2002

A one tile Pool Rock Fountain with four views added to the Garden Page under Objects, Outdoors. This object took four days solid work to add extra views to the original object. On the last attempt, before I ditched the project, I re-edited the T-Mog xml file and it WORKED! The graphic work is not the best work I've done but now I have a base for new fountains and I have several ideas in my head already!

11th of September, 2002

Added five new objects to the Oak Downtown Theme. Click Here for the Oak Downtown page. One is a vacation front desk. I started making a vacation lot and realised I needed one :)

4th of September, 2002

Added five new objects to the Oak Downtown Theme. Click Here for the Oak Downtown page.

Added the Property page to the Tomb Raider Set. The Croft Mansion House is finally available for download.

1st of September, 2002

Added the Side Board Alcove to the Oak & Jacquard Theme. Added the Oak Downtown Theme. Click Here for the Oak Downtown page.

25th of August, 2002

Updated a bleeding problem with the hedges in the Tomb Raider Theme. Added the Oak & Jacquard Theme. I haven't edited the menu structures yet so Click Here for the page.

17th of August, 2002

Some objects added to the Tomb Raider Theme, Objects Page Go to the page HERE!

I made pure white and black blank walls and floors to aid checking the bleeding of objects. I got tired of scrolling through all the normal ones looking for a relatively plain one to use. You can down load it HERE! You can use them for decorating if you like but you can't tell where the floor ends and the walls begin :)

15th of August, 2002

Finally! The site is running. There have been no updates to this original web site. It's just been uploaded to Geocities. The new Tomb Raider Theme can be found HERE! There are lots of new things there to download so if you get a suspended page, try again in a few days.

4th of March, 2002

The web site is back up and running until this free server decides otherwise! There is nothing new other than everything is now on a new server.

27th of Jan, 2002

An update for Katie, who has patiently waited for so long :) The Pink Caravan Set! I have also made a Grey Caravan Set which is a lot more plain. You can find them under the Objects, Outdoors, Caravans Menu. Go have fun with your trailer park competitions!

To all those that have emailed and gotten no response, my apologies, I have been through a really bad patch, from car, digital equipment and microwave repairs to emotional baggage. I will get to your email soon.

8th of Dec, 2001

Quite a big update today! In the last update I fixed the bleeding problem on two of the counters of the Granite Kitchen set. Well, as I was creating the newest objects I saw a new position where they disappeared into a wall.

Please re-download them and look at the 7 new objects on the Granite Kitchen page. Don't be put off by the poor quality thumbnails! In in order for the page to load quickly they are heavily compressed! (Please read the next update as it has important info :)

5th of Dec, 2001

Finally got around to fixing the bleeding problem on Granite Kitchen counters! This is especially for Kelly (who kindly reported the problem and emailed me a screenshot) and Vix (Whose encouragement keeps me making the Granite Kitchen objects :)

Right, two new symbols namely  New Hot Date Menu & Downtown Compatible  which indicates the object will appear in the new Hot Date expansion pack Menu and / or will work Downtown!

The next symbol,  Requires Hot Date  will indicate if an object requires Hot Date! So far, there are none :)

13th of Nov, 2001

Another new chair (Python Skin Chair) to add to the Stable. Find it also under the Seating Page or download it right here.
Click To Download

7th of Nov, 2001

Added a new chair called the Crystal Blue Office Chair to the Seating Page. It is a transparent blue plastic chair with wooden arms and legs.

It's been a while since I updated this site because I no longer have enough time to produce objects. I only upload objects which I am happy with onto these pages. I have several ideas that I want to try out and some objects which are half finished. When they are ready, this will be the place to read about it.

Since people are not reading the front page or the readme files in the zips I am going to make a few things clear here. I cannot stop anyone from stealing my objects or using them as a base for there own. There have been people using some of my objects and not even changing the description or at least letting me see the objects they have colourised. All I have asked is simple consideration. So now there are no excuses. Just ask for permission from the person whose object you are using.

You will notice there have also not been any comments about september 11th on this web site. Reasons are simple. While I followed the events very closely and was deeply affected, I do not see the need to mix politics with The Sims.

23rd of June, 2001

Added the Beige Classic wallpaper set to the Wallpaper - Full Sets Page. Created a Spice Rack for the Granite Kitchen set.

18th of June, 2001

Added a Granite wall counter  (  )  to the Granite Kitchen Page

16th of June, 2001

Updated the help page with more info and FAQ

11th of June, 2001

Added The Three Graces to the Art, sculpture page. Updated the Desk Lamp on the lighting page.

31st of May, 2001

Added a Statue of David to the Art, sculpture page. This is how should look! He doesn't belong in Vegas!

17th of April, 2001

Two updates within 24 hours! I haven't been working (Well not for money anyway). Added two Scaffolding Columns to the building section.

16th of May, 2001

Two new objects added to the site available on this page only!
Click To Download The Glass Dining Table Took a while but I eventually completed my Glass Dining Table!

I haven't created a section for surfaces like this so for now, download it right here!
Click To Download Petreak's Bookcase Download this Bookcase created by Petreak and matches my Birch Wood Set wallpaper. I think it's terrific and it is going to be featured under a Guest Page just as soon as I create one :)

23nd of April, 2001

Added a links page to the site. Updated some of the zip files in the caravans section due to some zips not having a readme.txt file. Also fixed some of the thumbs that weren't loading. Added a caravan Towing Triangle (scroll down to the caravans section) and one Camping House to the Caravan / Trailer themes under "Outdoors" then click on "Caravans".

Also added new symbols to designate   Requires Living Large  (Living large)  &  Requires House Party  (House Party). So far all objects are cloned from The Original Sims game.

22nd of April, 2001

New Tent wallpapers to go with the Caravan / Trailer themes under "Outdoors" then click on "Caravans".

19th of April, 2001

The Simposium eventually goes slumming!! Caravan Style. Added a new section under "Outdoors" called "Caravans". At the moment there are wallpapers and a floor to be used on the first floor to create a roof for the caravan. I am very please how this theme turned out and will be creating more stuff in this section. I hope this makes all your Trailer Trash Sims happy.

4th of April, 2001

A full revamp of the site and code. New object selection menu.

22nd of March, 2001

Added one new Beach sand floor and a Tub chair (Under seating).

6th of March, 2001

Added one new floor and a wallpaper set. Added two new counters to the " Kitchen page ".

27th of Febuary, 2001

Done some extensive updates. Added the floors and Lighting pages under objects. Added some new wallpapers and one stool (Seating Page). Added this  image where there are new items. Since all the floors are new and there existed no lighting page, there is no "new" image on those pages. The "new" image will be removed with every update to the page and placed accordingly.

Hopefully by the time this page is updated there will also be a mirror for this site!

18th of Febuary, 2001

Created a message board with key rack. (Check at the bottom of the" Art & Sculpture " Page)

14th of Febuary, 2001

Minor update. Added games room wallpaper to the walls page. (Check at the bottom under "Themes")

8th of Febuary, 2001

Added a washing machine and clothes dryer to the granite kitchen collection! For all of those that thought the background was to flat, there is a new gradient!

4th of Febuary, 2001

Added a walls page under the objects icon. Floors will be next, perhaps still this coming week!

1st of Febuary, 2001

Done some major updates and uploaded quite a few objects. Hoping to add a floor and walls section shortly!

2nd of January, 2001

This site is very new and there are no fancy graphics or buttons yet. The reason for this is that I am writing exams at present but am eager to share some of my objects for the Maxis game, The Sims

Click to view the site map